June 17, 2024

A Recap of the 2024 Big Ten Wrestling Championships

The echoes of cheers and the intensity of competition have quieted down now, but the memories of the 2024 Big Ten Wrestling Championships in College Park, Maryland, will stay with us. From March 9th to 10th, the Xfinity Center was buzzing with top athletes battling for individual and team honours. This blog post is your complete recap, explaining the champions, team standings, and the most exciting moments of the tournament.

a wrestler and a wrestling coach at the 2024 Big Ten Wrestling Championships
A Recap of the 2024 Big Ten Wrestling Championships

Penn State Tops Off Stellar Season with Eighth Big Ten Title

To begin with, Penn State continued its dominance in Big Ten wrestling, clinching its eighth conference championship and second consecutive title. Additionally, led by Coach Cael Sanderson, the team showcased impressive depth and resilience, earning a team score of 170.5 points. Moreover, this solidified Penn State’s status as a national powerhouse and strengthened its chances at the upcoming NCAA Championships.

Individual Champions Shine Bright

The tournament showcased showcased exceptional individual talent across all weight classes. Moreover, each wrestler brought their unique style and determination to the competition, resulting in some truly captivating matches. Moreover, here’s a look at the newly crowned Big Ten Champions:

125 lbs

Braeden Davis (Penn State) – The talented freshman took control of the competition with his technical skills and decisive takedowns.

133 lbs

Dylan Shawver (Rutgers) – Shawver pulled off a thrilling upset against Michigan’s Dylan Ragusin, securing a major decision win.

141 lbs

Nick Piccinni (Iowa) – Piccinni displayed his aggressive wrestling style, claiming a dominant technical fall victory.

149 lbs

Sammy Sasso (Ohio State) – Sasso’s hard-fought decision win over Penn State’s Beau Bartlett highlighted his tenacity and strategic prowess.

157 lbs

Levi Haines (Penn State) – Haines showcased dominance from the start, earning a major decision victory.

165 lbs

Mitchell Mesenbrink (Penn State) – Mesenbrink continued Penn State’s success with a technical fall win.

174 lbs

Cole Wick (Michigan) – Wick emerged victorious in a tight match against Peyton Romp (Ohio State).

184 lbs

Myles Amine (Michigan) – Amine’s commanding performance secured a major decision win.

197 lbs

Aaron Brooks (Penn State) – Brooks stood out with a major decision victory and earned top honours as the Big Ten Wrestler of the Year and Most Outstanding Wrestler of the Championships.

285 lbs

Greg Kerkvliet (Penn State) – Kerkvliet sealed Penn State’s dominance with a commanding technical fall win.

Memorable Moments and Upsets

Even though everyone loves to see the champions win, the 2024 Big Ten Wrestling Championships were about more than just picking winners. Moreover, the whole event was exciting, with amazing moments everyone will remember and some unexpected victories that surprised everyone watching!

Close Matches and Thrilling Wins

Moreover, several weight classes featured nail-biting matches, keeping spectators on the edge of their seats.

Emerging Talent

Additionally, freshman wrestlers like Braeden Davis and Mitchell Mesenbrink showcased their skills, highlighting the sport’s promising future.

Upsets and Surprises

Dylan Shawver’s victory over a highly-ranked opponent was just one of the unexpected turns that added excitement to the tournament.

Looking Forward: Road to the NCAA Championships

The Big Ten Championships were like a big warm-up for the even bigger NCAA Championships, which are kind of like the national wrestling finals! Furthermore, the awesome wrestling we saw at the Big Tens is a good sign of things to come. Additionally, with all these talented wrestlers competing, the NCAA Championships are sure to be super exciting, especially with Penn State looking strong and favoured to win!


In conclusion, the 2024 Big Ten Wrestling Championships celebrated the dedication, athleticism, and strategic brilliance of these elite wrestlers. Additionally, these champions are now getting ready for the NCAA Championships, which is like the national finals! Penn State is expected to win, but all the wrestlers will be fighting hard to be the best!

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