July 12, 2024

Best Independent Wrestling Promotions to Watch

Independent wrestling promotions are the heartbeat of the wrestling world, offering thrilling matches, unique storylines, and the chance to see future stars in action. While mainstream wrestling companies often get the spotlight, indie promotions provide a raw and unfiltered wrestling experience that fans cherish. Let’s explore the best independent wrestling promotions you should watch to get your fix on high-octane action and innovative performances.




men in a wrestling match showing the Best Independent Wrestling Promotions
Best Independent Wrestling Promotions to Watch

1. All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

Why Watch:

  • Rising Stars and Legends: AEW combines young talent with legendary wrestlers, also creating a dynamic and exciting roster.
  • Innovative Storylines: Known for its creative storylines and long-term storytelling.
  • High Production Value: Offers a polished viewing experience with top-notch production.

AEW has quickly become a powerhouse in the wrestling world. With a mix of high-flying action, strong storytelling, and also a roster that includes household names and emerging stars, AEW is a must-watch for any wrestling fan.

2. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG)

Why Watch:

  • High-Energy Matches: PWG is famous for its fast-paced and also high-energy wrestling style.
  • Intimate Atmosphere: Shows are held in smaller venues, creating a unique and personal experience for fans.
  • Top Talent: Many wrestlers who have become stars in larger promotions started in PWG.

PWG is where you can see some of the best matches in the independent circuit. The promotion’s commitment to quality wrestling and also showcasing top talent makes every event a must-see.

3. Ring of Honor (ROH)

Why Watch:

  • Technical Wrestling: Known for its focus on technical wrestling and in-ring excellence.
  • Historic Moments: ROH has been the launching pad for many wrestling legends.
  • Dedicated Fanbase: ROH events are known for their passionate and knowledgeable fans.

ROH has a storied history in the world of professional wrestling. With a focus on technical prowess and also athletic competition, ROH has earned a reputation for producing some of the best matches in the industry.

4. Major League Wrestling (MLW)

Why Watch:

  • Diverse Roster: MLW features a mix of wrestling styles, from lucha libre to hardcore.
  • Engaging Storylines: Known for its compelling storylines and also character development.
  • Accessible Content: Offers easy access to events and also shows through various streaming platforms.

MLW stands out for its diversity in wrestling styles and also its commitment to providing fans with engaging storylines. It’s a promotion that consistently delivers quality entertainment.

5. Impact Wrestling

Why Watch:

  • Star-Studded Roster: Features both established stars and up-and-coming talent.
  • Innovative Matches: Known for unique match types and also a creative booking.
  • Rich History: Impact has a long history of producing memorable wrestling moments.

Impact Wrestling has undergone various transformations over the years but remains a staple in the wrestling world. Its innovative approach to matches and also storylines keeps fans coming back for more.

6. Beyond Wrestling

Why Watch:

  • Fan Interaction: Strong emphasis on fan interaction and community.
  • Unique Venues: Shows are held in unconventional venues, adding to the experience.
  • Spotlighting Talent: Known for giving a platform to lesser-known but also incredibly talented wrestlers.

Beyond Wrestling is all about the fans and also the wrestling community. Its unique approach to venue selection and fan interaction makes it a standout promotion.

7. Game Changer Wrestling (GCW)

Why Watch:

  • Hardcore Wrestling: GCW is known for its hardcore and also its deathmatch style wrestling.
  • Cult Following: Has developed a passionate and loyal fanbase.
  • Creative Events: Hosts innovative and themed wrestling events.

GCW offers something different with its focus on hardcore wrestling. It’s a promotion that pushes the boundaries and also delivers unforgettable moments.

8. Chikara

Why Watch:

  • Family-Friendly: Offers a fun and family-friendly wrestling experience.
  • Unique Characters: Features colorful and unique characters with comic book-like storylines.
  • Innovative Storytelling: Known for its long-term and intricate storytelling.

Chikara is perfect for fans who enjoy a mix of wrestling and entertainment. Its family-friendly approach and also unique characters make it a fun promotion to watch.


In conclusion, independent wrestling promotions are the lifeblood of the wrestling industry, offering a diverse range of styles, stories, and talents. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the world of wrestling, these promotions provide something for everyone. By supporting indie wrestling, you not only enjoy high-quality entertainment but also contribute to the growth and development of future wrestling stars. So, dive into the exciting world of independent wrestling and discover the hidden gems that these promotions have to offer.




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