May 13, 2024

10 Best Wrestling Announcers

The world of professional wrestling thrives on spectacle, larger-than-life personalities, and electrifying in-ring action. But there’s another crucial element that often goes unnoticed: the voice that guides the audience through the narrative, the hype machine that sets the stage for every move and slam – the best wrestling announcers. These iconic figures are the storytellers, the emotional anchors, and sometimes even the comedic relief of professional wrestling. Their calls can elevate a good match to greatness, and their enthusiasm can turn a routine moment into an unforgettable highlight. So, who are the best wrestling announcers who have left their mark on the industry? Buckle up and prepare to be entertained as we explore the legendary voices that have captivated wrestling fans for generations!




3 Best Wrestling Announcers
10 Best Wrestling Announcers

1. Gorilla Monsoon (WWE)

To begin with, Gorilla Monsoon was a cornerstone of the golden age of professional wrestling. His booming voice, dry wit, and signature catchphrases like “uh oh!” and “wrestling holds!” became synonymous with the sport. Additionally, Monsoon’s calm demeanour perfectly balanced the often-outlandish characters he shared the announcing booth with, making him a trusted and beloved figure for fans.

2. Howard Finkel (WWE)

Howard Finkel wasn’t your typical announcer. He wasn’t known for bombastic calls or colour commentary. Instead, Finkel’s strength was his impeccably delivered ring introductions. Additionally, his signature cadence and dramatic voice added gravitas to every competitor’s entrance, making even the most mid-card wrestler feel like a star.

3. Jim Ross (WWE, WCW)

Jim Ross, also affectionately known as “JR,” is an announcer whose passion for wrestling is undeniable. His Southern charm, storytelling ability, and genuine excitement for the product made him a fan favourite. JR’s calls were legendary, perfectly capturing the drama and intensity of each match. Whether it was a brutal chair shot or a last-second near fall, JR’s voice conveyed the emotions perfectly.

4. Bobby “The Brain” Heenan (WWE, WCW, AWA)

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan wasn’t your typical announcer either. He was a colour commentator with a villainous persona, constantly criticizing the baby faces (good guys) and praising the heels (bad guys). Heenan’s biting wit, sharp humour, and an endless supply of one-liners made him a constant source of entertainment. Moreover, his constant bickering with his broadcast partners added another layer of fun to the viewing experience.

5. Mean Gene Okerlund (WWE, WCW)

Mean Gene Okerlund wasn’t an announcer in the traditional sense. He was an interviewer extraordinaire. Moreover, his laid-back style, infectious laugh, and ability to get wrestlers to loosen up made his interviews some of the most entertaining segments in wrestling. From iconic promos to hilarious bloopers, Mean Gene’s segments were a staple of professional wrestling for decades.

6. Michael Cole (WWE)

Michael Cole is a modern-day best wrestling announcer whose voice has become synonymous with WWE. His fast-paced style, knowledge of the product, and ability to call the action have made him a mainstay on WWE programming for over two decades. Additionally, Cole’s signature calls like “Vintage!” and his enthusiastic delivery continue to energize fans and add another layer of excitement to the matches.

7. Mauro Ranallo (WWE, NJPW)

Mauro Ranallo’s announcing style was like a breath of fresh air. His high-energy calls, operatic delivery, and vast knowledge of wrestling history brought a unique flavour to the broadcast booth. Ranallo’s passion for the sport was contagious, and his ability to weave a narrative around the matches made them even more captivating for fans.

8. Joey Styles (ECW, ROH)

Joey Styles was the voice of hardcore wrestling. His intense delivery, no-nonsense attitude, and ability to capture the raw emotion of ECW matches made him a perfect fit for the promotion. Furthermore, Styles wasn’t afraid to call out wrestlers or storylines he didn’t agree with, which only added to his authenticity and appeal among hardcore fans.

9. Justin Roberts (WWE, NJPW, AEW)

Justin Roberts is a versatile announcer who has worked for various promotions throughout his career. He’s known for his clear, professional delivery, and his ability to adapt his style to fit the specific needs of each company. Furthermore, Roberts’ strong voice and smooth delivery make him a reliable presence in the announcing booth, elevating the matches and keeping the audience engaged.

10. Tony Schiavone (WCW, AEW)

Tony Schiavone is another announcer who has worn many hats in the wrestling industry. Additionally, he’s known for his dry wit, sarcastic humour, and ability to seamlessly blend play-by-play commentary with insightful colour analysis. Schiavone’s chemistry with his broadcast partners adds another layer of entertainment to AEW programming, and his signature catchphrases like “It’s a slobber knocker!” have become fan favourites.


In conclusion, these announcers left their mark. From Gorilla Monsoon’s calls to Tony Schiavone’s interviews, they shaped how we experience wrestling. Today’s announcers like Michael Cole carry the torch. So next time you watch wrestling, appreciate the voices that bring the drama and excitement to life.