July 13, 2024

The Best Wrestling Ring Announcer in 2024

The world of professional wrestling thrives on larger-than-life personalities, electrifying action, and a captivating atmosphere. But amidst the spectacle, one crucial element often goes unnoticed: the best wrestling ring announcer. These unsung heroes set the stage for every match, introducing wrestlers with booming voices and infectious enthusiasm. Who currently holds the title of the best wrestling ring announcer in 2024? With so many talented voices across various promotions, the competition is fierce. Buckle up, wrestling fans, as we explore the contenders vying for the crown!



one of the best wrestling ring announcer in 2024
The Best Wrestling Ring Announcer in 2024


The Contenders: A Diverse Pool of Talent

To begin with, the wrestling landscape is more diverse than ever, and the same goes for ring-announcing talent. Let’s meet some of the standouts:

Mike Rome (WWE)

A veteran announcer with a smooth, professional delivery, Mike Rome injects a touch of class into WWE events. His ability to seamlessly introduce wrestlers and hype up the crowd makes him a reliable presence on SmackDown.

Samantha Irvin (WWE)

A relative newcomer who burst onto the scene in 2023, Samantha Irvin has quickly become a fan favourite. Furthermore, her infectious energy, clear voice, and genuine excitement for the product are a breath of fresh air. Her performance at WrestleMania 40 cemented her status as a rising star.

Justin Roberts (AEW)

A seasoned announcer with experience across multiple promotions, Justin Roberts brings a wealth of knowledge and versatility to the booth. His crisp delivery, ability to adjust his style for different matches, and dedication to the craft make him a valuable asset to AEW.

Tony Schiavone (AEW)

Known for his dry wit, sarcastic humour, and undeniable chemistry with his broadcast partner, Tony Schiavone offers a unique announcing style. Moreover, his ability to seamlessly blend play-by-play commentary with insightful analysis keeps fans engaged and adds another layer of entertainment to AEW programming.

Don Callis (NJPW)

A veteran announcer with a deep understanding of Japanese wrestling, Don Callis brings a distinct flavour to NJPW broadcasts. Furthermore, his passionate calls, ability to weave narratives around matches, and knowledge of the wrestlers’ histories enhance the viewing experience for international fans.

What Makes a Great Ring Announcer?

While personal preference plays a role, several key qualities define a best wrestling ring announcer:


Furthermore, a clear, powerful, and engaging voice is a must to capture the crowd’s attention.


Additionally, passion, enthusiasm, and the ability to build hype are crucial for drawing fans into the action.


Understanding the wrestlers, storylines, and history of the promotion adds depth to their announcements.


A touch of theatricality and the ability to connect with the audience enhances the overall performance.


Furthermore, the ability to adjust their style for different match types and promotions is a valuable asset.

Storytelling Ability

Additionally, the best ring announcers can weave a narrative around the matches. They can highlight rivalries, build anticipation for a big move, or even inject a touch of humour to set the tone for a comedic segment.

The Verdict: It’s All About Preference

There’s no single answer to who the best wrestling ring announcer is in 2024. Each announcer brings a unique style, voice, and experience to the table. Ultimately, it’s up to you, the wrestling fans, to decide who resonates most with your preferences.

Conclusion: The Voices That Bring Wrestling to Life

In conclusion, no matter who you choose as the best wrestling ring announcer, these talented individuals play a vital role in professional wrestling. Additionally, their voices set the stage, introduce the heroes and villains, and breathe life into the action. So next time you hear a booming announcement or a passionate call, take a moment to appreciate the unsung heroes who make the squared circle so captivating.

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