June 18, 2024

A Look at Cody Rhodes’ Rise in Wrestling

Cody Rhodes, synonymous with high-flying acrobatics, captivating storytelling, and undeniable charisma, has taken the wrestling world by storm in recent years. His journey, marked by calculated risks, unwavering determination, and a passionate connection with fans, is a testament to the power of chasing your dreams. Let’s delve into Cody Rhodes’ rise in wrestling.

Cody Rhodes' Rise in Wrestling
A Look at Cody Rhodes’ Rise in Wrestling

His Life

Cody Rhodes, or Cody Runnels as he was known then, began his career in the shadow of a legendary father, Dusty Rhodes, a wrestling Hall of Famer. While initial success came under the watchful eye of his father in WWE, Cody yearned for creative freedom and a chance to carve his path. In 2016, Cody made a bold decision – he left WWE, which sent shockwaves through the wrestling world.

The Rise of AEW

Undeterred by the uncertainty, Cody and other prominent wrestlers spearheaded the formation of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in 2019. This new promotion aimed to provide a platform for wrestlers to showcase their talent and have more creative control over their characters. Cody became a central figure in AEW, not only as a wrestler but also as an Executive Vice President, playing a crucial role in establishing the company as a legitimate force in wrestling.

The Prodigal Son Returns

After three years at the forefront of AEW, Cody Rhodes once again shocked the wrestling world. In February 2022, he decided to leave AEW and return to WWE. This time, however, he returned as a conquering hero. Fans who had witnessed his journey outside WWE roared with approval, recognizing not just a talented wrestler but a man who had carved his successful path outside the established wrestling giant. His return to WrestleMania, the biggest stage in wrestling, was a moment of pure elation for both Cody and the fans.

A Legacy in Progress

Cody’s impact on wrestling goes beyond victories and championship reigns. He has become a symbol of perseverance and chasing your dreams, no matter the obstacles. His creative freedom outside WWE has allowed him to develop his character, the “American Nightmare,” a complex and captivating persona that resonates with fans. Now, back in WWE, Cody’s future holds immense potential. With victories over prominent names like Seth Rollins and a recent face-off with The Rock, he’s firmly in the main event conversation. Here are some additional points to consider for the future:


Championship Aspirations

Will he challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship? This potential storyline is a dream match for many fans and could solidify Cody’s place as a top star in WWE.


Faction Warfare

Could Cody lead a new faction to challenge established groups like The Bloodline or The Usos? This would create exciting inter-factional rivalries and add a new dimension to WWE programming.


The Rhodes Legacy

Will his brother Dustin Rhodes, also a talented wrestler, follow Cody back to WWE? A potential reunion could be a heartwarming moment for fans and create exciting tag team possibilities.


Storytelling and Character Development

How will Cody’s character evolve within WWE? Will he maintain the “American Nightmare” persona or explore new facets of his character? Fans are eager to see how he navigates the creative landscape within WWE.

Beyond the Ring

Cody’s impact extends beyond the squared circle. He actively uses his platform to advocate for mental health awareness and LGBTQ+ rights, inspiring fans to embrace inclusivity and compassion. He has spoken openly about his struggles with mental health, helping to break down stigmas and encouraging others to seek help. Additionally, his support for LGBTQ+ rights has made him a role model for fans who identify with the community.

An Inspiration for Aspiring Wrestlers

Cody Rhodes’ rise in wrestling is an inspiration for aspiring wrestlers. It shows that even in a world dominated by established giants, there’s room for those who dare to dream big. Additionally, and carve their path. His tireless work ethic and genuine connection with fans have propelled him to the top of the wrestling world. As Cody continues his career, one thing is certain – the “American Dream” story is far from over. It will be exciting to see what heights he reaches next and how he continues to inspire future generations of wrestlers and fans alike.

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