July 12, 2024

Exploring the Most Types of Wrestling Played Worldwide

Wrestling is a sport that is played worldwide and has a rich diversity of styles that showcase various techniques, traditions, and rules. In this exploration, we unravel the tapestry of wrestling by delving into some of the most prominent and distinct types played globally.


wrestlers playing a Freestyle type of wrestling whish is one of the most type of wrestling played worldwide
Exploring the Most Types of Wrestling Played Worldwide


To begin with, Greco-Roman wrestling is one of the oldest and most traditional forms of wrestling. In this style, competitors focus exclusively on holds and throws above the waist. It emphasizes upper body strength, demanding precise technique in executing throws that can score points. Greco-Roman wrestling has a strong presence in the Olympic Games, reflecting its historical significance.

Freestyle Wrestling

Freestyle wrestling, another Olympic staple, is known for its dynamic and fast-paced nature. Unlike Greco-Roman, freestyle allows wrestlers to attack their opponent’s legs, expanding the range of possible moves. Wrestlers in this style engage in a full-body battle, incorporating a wide variety of throws, takedowns, and ground wrestling techniques.

Folk Wrestling is Played Worldwide

Furthermore, Folk wrestling encompasses a diverse range of traditional styles played in various regions worldwide. Examples include Schwingen in Switzerland, Kurash in Uzbekistan, and Shuai Jiao in China. These styles often reflect the cultural heritage of the communities that practice them, incorporating unique rules, rituals, and costumes.

Other Types of Wrestling Played Worldwide

Sumo Wrestling

Originating in Japan, sumo wrestling is a sport deeply rooted in tradition and rituals. It involves two heavyweight wrestlers attempting to force each other out of a circular ring or to touch the ground with any body part other than the soles of their feet. Sumo is not just a physical battle but a display of strength, discipline, and adherence to cultural customs.

Catch Wrestling

Furthermore, Catch wrestling is known for its emphasis on grappling and submissions. Unlike some other styles, catch wrestling allows for a broader range of holds and locks, including those targeting the joints. It has historical roots in carnival wrestling exhibitions and has influenced the development of modern professional wrestling.

Collegiate Wrestling

Collegiate wrestling is a style practiced primarily in the United States within the academic setting. Wrestlers compete under specific collegiate rules, and the sport has a strong presence in American universities and colleges. It combines elements of both freestyle and folk wrestling, creating a unique style specific to collegiate competitions.

Beach Wrestling

Additionally, Beach wrestling, as the name suggests, takes the sport to the shores. Wrestlers grapple on sandy surfaces, emphasizing simplicity and adaptability. With fewer restrictions on clothing and a more relaxed atmosphere, beach wrestling showcases the raw essence of the sport in a unique setting.


In conclusion, wrestling is far from a one-size-fits-all sport. The various types of wrestling played worldwide contribute to a rich and diverse mosaic, each style reflecting the history, traditions, and preferences of the communities that practice them. From the classical Greco-Roman and freestyle to the cultural tapestry of folk wrestling, the ritualistic grandeur of sumo, the submission focus of catch wrestling, the intensity of collegiate competitions, to the relaxed ambiance of beach wrestling, each style adds a unique flavour to the global wrestling landscape.

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