June 17, 2024

New High School Wrestling Rules in 2024

Calling all wrestling fans! The 2024 season brings a fresh wave of excitement to high school wrestling with the introduction of new high school wrestling rules. These changes aim to make the sport more exciting for both wrestlers and spectators. The focus is on rewarding wrestlers for taking control of the match and creating a clearer set of guidelines for everyone involved. This article looks into the details of the new high school wrestling rules and explains how they will impact the game.

2 wrestlers showing new high school wrestling rules in 2024
New High School Wrestling Rules in 2024

Rewarding Takedowns and Near Falls with a New Scoring System

To begin with, one of the biggest changes involves how points are awarded. Previously, wrestlers earned two points for taking their opponent down to the mat (takedown). Under the new high school wrestling rules, takedowns are now worth a significant three points! Additionally, this puts more emphasis on wrestlers actively taking control of the match and keeping their opponent on the ground.

The scoring system for near falls (almost pinning your opponent) has also been revamped. Before, a two-point near fall was awarded when the referee counted to two, and three points when the referee counted to three. Now, the system is similar to college wrestling: two points for a two-count, three points for a three-count, and a jump to four points for a four-count near fall.

Furthermore, this change encourages wrestlers to work even harder to secure a pin, the ultimate victory in wrestling. By rewarding dominance and offensive manoeuvres, the new high school wrestling rules aim to create more high-scoring and action-packed matches.

Simplifying Out-of-Bounds Calls with a Clearer Rule

Another significant change tackles the often-debated issue of out-of-bounds calls. Previously, both wrestlers needed to have two points of contact outside the wrestling mat to be considered out-of-bounds. This could lead to confusion and disagreements for wrestlers, referees, and spectators alike.

With the new high school wrestling rules, things are much simpler. Now, only one point of contact from either wrestler outside the boundary line is considered out-of-bounds. This clearer rule reduces confusion and allows for more consistent officiating throughout the competition.

Farewell 10-Foot Circle, Hello Focus on Center Mat

For many years, the centre of the wrestling mat was marked by a prominent 10-foot circle. However, the new high school wrestling rules eliminate the need for this circle. The reasoning? Modern wrestling mats already have large logos or mascots in the centre, making the starting lines clear indicators. This change streamlines the look of the mat and ensures wrestlers focus on staying in the central area for optimal control.

Keeping Up with the Changes: Resources for Wrestlers, Parents, and Fans

With the introduction of the new high school wrestling rules, staying informed is key. Here are some resources to help everyone stay up-to-date:

National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Website

The NFHS is the governing body for high school sports in the United States. Their website provides official rulebooks and updates, including details on the new high school wrestling rules.

State High School Athletic Associations

Each state has its athletic association that oversees high school sports. These associations’ websites often provide information on rule changes and interpretations specific to their state.

Wrestling Media Outlets

Additionally, numerous websites and publications specialize in wrestling news and information. These outlets often cover rule changes and provide analysis on how they might impact the sport.

Coaching Clinics and Resources

Wrestling coaches’ associations frequently hold clinics and workshops to discuss new rules and strategies. Furthermore, parents and wrestlers can encourage their coaches to attend these events to stay current on the latest developments.

Here are some additional tips for wrestlers, parents, and fans to embrace the new high school wrestling rules

For Wrestlers:

Practice Makes Perfect: Since takedowns are worth more points now, it’s crucial to practice various takedown techniques. Furthermore, work with your coach to refine your entries, shots, and finishes to effectively score those valuable points.

Near Fall Defense is Key: The new system rewards wrestlers who can hold a near fall for a longer duration. Develop strong escape manoeuvres to prevent your opponent from getting those crucial four points.

Center Stage: Staying in the centre of the mat is even more important under the new rules. Focus on controlling the centre and manoeuvring your opponent to the edge to gain an advantage.

For Parents:

Stay Informed: Familiarize yourself with the key changes in the new high school wrestling rules to better understand your child’s matches and support their training.

Encourage Strategic Thinking: Discuss the new rules with your child and their coach. Help them develop strategies to utilize the new scoring system and outmanoeuvre their opponents.

Positive Reinforcement: The adjustment period might bring some challenges. Additionally, be patient and supportive as your child adapts to the new high school wrestling rules.

For Fans:

Learn the Rules: Understanding the basic changes in the new high school wrestling rules will enhance your enjoyment of the matches.

Appreciate the Strategy: Look beyond basic moves and recognize the strategic thinking involved in takedowns, near falls, and controlling the centre of the mat.

Embrace the Excitement: The new rules aim to create faster-paced and more action-packed matches. Furthermore, cheer on the wrestlers and their displays of athleticism and skill.


In conclusion, by staying informed, adapting strategies, and embracing the changes, the wrestling community can ensure a smooth transition to the new high school wrestling rules. These changes have the potential to make high school wrestling an even more captivating and rewarding experience for everyone involved, from wrestlers and coaches to parents and fans. So, get ready for a thrilling new season of high school wrestling!


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