July 12, 2024

Top Best AEW Wrestlers to Watch Right Now

Action-packed matches, high-flying moves, and electrifying rivalries – that’s the world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW)! If you’re new to AEW or want to discover some amazing talent, this guide is for you! We’ll introduce you to the best AEW wrestlers to watch right now in 2024.

The High-Flyers: Defying Gravity with Daring Moves

To begin with, known as “The Cleaner,” Kenny Omega is a veteran wrestler with incredible athleticism. He’s known for his high-flying moves, innovative offense, and ability to tell a story in the ring. His matches are a spectacle of athleticism and strategy, capturing the essence of what makes AEW so thrilling.

The Icons: Legends Who Shaped WWE History

The name “Hulk Hogan” is synonymous with professional wrestling. With his ripped physique, electrifying entrance, and powerful moves, Hogan became a pop culture icon in the 1980s. His battles with Andre the Giant and “Macho Man” Randy Savage are legendary.

Additionally, the “Stone Cold” era of the late 1990s was all about attitude. Steve Austin, with his signature rebellious persona and “stunner” finisher, challenged authority figures in WWE and became a fan favorite. His epic rivalry with Mr. McMahon is a defining chapter in wrestling history.

The Undertaker is a wrestling anomaly. His dark and mysterious persona, along with his undefeated streak at WrestleMania, made him a truly unique figure. His entrance music still sends chills down fans’ spines, and his matches were always captivating spectacles.

The Modern Era: Carrying the Torch for the Future

John Cena is a polarizing figure, but there’s no denying his impact on WWE. He’s a 16-time world champion, a tireless worker, and a dedicated ambassador for the company. His “Never Give Up” motto resonated with fans of all ages.

Furthermore, “The Viper,” Randy Orton, is a third-generation wrestler with exceptional in-ring skills. Known for his smooth style, devastating finisher (the RKO), and unpredictable personality, Orton’s feuds with John Cena and Triple H have been highlights of the modern era.

AEW: Pushing Boundaries and Defining Wrestling Excellence

AEW continues to redefine professional wrestling with its groundbreaking approach and commitment to showcasing diverse talent. Whether you’re a fan of high-octane matches or compelling storylines, AEW delivers entertainment that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

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