July 12, 2024

Puroresu Styles Unveiled

Japanese professional wrestling, known as Puroresu, is a rich tapestry of styles that have captivated audiences worldwide. Join us on a journey into the heart of Puroresu, where tradition, innovation, and cultural influences converge to create a diverse array of wrestling techniques.

Strong Style: The Art of Impactful Strikes

Characteristics: Hard-Hitting Strikes, Physical Intensity

Description: Strong Style is the embodiment of physical toughness and impactful strikes. Wrestlers engage in hard-hitting battles, emphasizing powerful kicks, chops, and forearms. This style, rooted in realism, encourages a relentless and intense approach in the ring.

 Technical Prowess: Precision in Wrestling Mastery

Characteristics: Complex Holds, Submissions, Chain Wrestling

Description: Technical Prowess is characterized by the seamless execution of complex holds, submissions, and intricate chain wrestling sequences. Wrestlers showcasing this style prioritize precision and fluidity, often engaging in mat-based wrestling to gain strategic advantages.

 Aerial Artistry: High-Flying Innovation

Characteristics: High-Flying Maneuvers, Aerial Attacks

Description: Puroresu embraces Aerial Artistry, where wrestlers incorporate high-flying maneuvers and aerial attacks into their repertoire. This style adds a dynamic and acrobatic element to matches, thrilling audiences with gravity-defying feats.

Puroresu Styles
Puroresu Styles

 Submission Wrestling: The Art of Grappling

Characteristics: Submission Holds, Ground-Based Strategy

Description: Submission Wrestling places a strong emphasis on grappling and submission holds. Wrestlers adept in this style strategically target an opponent’s limbs, aiming to force a submission. The technical finesse of submission wrestling adds depth to the storytelling within matches.

 Joshi Puroresu: Empowering Women’s Wrestling

Characteristics: Athleticism, Strong Characters, Storytelling

Description: Joshi Puroresu is the female counterpart to traditional Puroresu styles. Women’s wrestling in Japan emphasizes athleticism, strong character development, and compelling storytelling. Joshi Puroresu has played a pivotal role in elevating women’s wrestling globally.

Lucha Libre Influence: Dynamic and Colorful Wrestling

Characteristics: Lucha Libre Elements, Fast-Paced Action

Description: Puroresu has absorbed elements from Mexican Lucha Libre, incorporating dynamic and colorful wrestling into its fabric. This influence is evident in the fast-paced action, innovative moves, and a penchant for creating visually stunning sequences.

Hybrid Innovations

Characteristics: Incorporating Global Wrestling Trends

Description: In response to the global nature of professional wrestling, Puroresu has embraced Hybrid Innovations. This involves incorporating elements from various wrestling styles worldwide, adapting to evolving trends and preferences in the global wrestling community.


In conclusion, Puroresu styles represent a tapestry of wrestling excellence, blending tradition with innovation, and cultural influences with global trends. From the hard-hitting Strong Style to the intricate Technical Prowess, each style contributes to the unique charm and influence that Japanese professional wrestling has on the global stage. As Puroresu continues to evolve, its impact on the wrestling world remains a testament to the rich diversity and storytelling power embedded within its various styles.

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