May 14, 2024

The Art of Pinning: Winning Moves in Wrestling

Wrestlers, let’s talk pins! Mastering the art of pinning is a surefire way to secure victory on the mat. Check out these winning moves that can make you a pinning pro.

this picture shows the concept of pinning in wrestling
Pinning in wrestling

Half Nelson: The Classic Pinning Powerhouse

The half-Nelson is a classic move. Lock it in, and you’ve got control. Use it to turn the tables and set up the pin.

Cradle: Cradle Your Way to Victory

Get cosy with the cradle. It’s not just for babies; it’s a pinning powerhouse. Hook your opponent, roll, and watch the referee count.

Double Leg Takedown: Take ‘Em Down and Pin ‘Em

Start strong with a double-leg takedown. Once on the mat, use your weight advantage to secure a tight pin.

Guillotine: Tight Grip for Pin Success

Wrap your opponent in a tight guillotine. It’s not just for the gallows; it’s a pinning move that leaves them breathless.

Chicken Wing: Pinning with Wing Power

The chicken wing isn’t just for dinner. Use it to control your opponent’s arm and set them up for a picture-perfect pin.

Turk: Twist and Pin Your Way to Victory

The Turk is a twisty move. Use it to control your opponent’s body and manoeuvre them into a pinning position.

Ankle Pick: Grab, Trip, and Pin

Go for the ankles! An ankle pick sets up the perfect opportunity for a quick pin. Grab, trip, and watch the referee’s hand hit the mat.

Spladle: Unleash the Spladle for Pin Perfection

The spladle is a showstopper. Twist and contort your opponent into this unique position for a pin that wows the crowd.

Fireman’s Carry: Lift and Pin with Fireman Precision

Channel your inner hero with the fireman’s carry. Lift your opponent with precision, and control, and set them down for the pin.

Armbar: Lock and Load for Pinning Success

The armbar is a classic submission move, but it’s also a setup for a pin. Lock it in and control your opponent’s movements for a decisive win.

Leg Ride: Ride ‘Em Down to the Pin

Take a leg ride! Use your weight and technique to ride your opponent down to the mat, setting up a secure pin.

Crossface: Smother the Opposition for the Pin

The crossfade is a smothering move. Apply pressure to your opponent’s face and use it to control their position, leading to a successful pin.

Belly-to-Belly Suplex: Slam and Pin with Power

Add some flair with a belly-to-belly suplex. Slam your opponent down with power and transition seamlessly into a pinning position.


Wrestlers, these pinning moves are your ticket to victory on the mat. Practice them, master them, and unleash them strategically. From classic holds to dynamic throws, each move is a tool in your pinning arsenal. As you step onto the mat, remember that the art of pinning is not just about strength; it’s about finesse, control, and knowing when to strike. Ready to elevate your pinning game? It’s time to step into the ring and make those winning moves your own!