July 12, 2024

Top Best AEW Wrestlers to Watch Right Now

Action-packed matches, high-flying moves, and electrifying rivalries – that’s the world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW)! If you’re new to AEW or want to discover some amazing talent, this guide is for you! We’ll introduce you to the best AEW wrestlers to watch right now in 2024.

These talented performers are pushing the boundaries of wrestling with their skills, characters, and in-ring storytelling. So, grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and get ready to be entertained by the future of professional wrestling!





3 top best AEW Wrestlers to watch
Top Best AEW Wrestlers to Watch Right Now

The High-Flyers: Defying Gravity with Daring Moves

Kenny Omega

To begin with, known as “The Cleaner,” Kenny Omega is a veteran wrestler with incredible athleticism. He’s known for his high-flying moves, innovative offense, and also ability to tell a story in the ring. His matches are must-see events!

Nick & Matt Jackson (The Young Bucks)

These twin brothers are a tag team sensation. Their fast-paced, aerial offense is a sight to behold. They’re also known for their innovative tag team maneuvers and exciting matches.

Darby Allin

With his skateboard and also goth-inspired entrance, Darby Allin is a unique character. He’s fearless inside the ring and also willing to take incredible risks. His high-flying offense and willingness to go to extremes make him a fan favorite.

Masters of Strategy and Submission Holds

Bryan Danielson

“The American Dragon” is a wrestling veteran known for his technical brilliance. His matches are showcases of in-ring psychology, submission holds, and also captivating storytelling.

Chris Jericho

A wrestling legend, Chris Jericho continues to impress with his in-ring skills and also incredible mic work. He’s a master strategist, using his experience to craft exciting and unpredictable matches.

Claudio Castagnoli (fka Cesaro)

A recent addition to AEW, Claudio is renowned for his incredible strength and also technical wrestling style. His uppercut strikes are legendary, and his in-ring work is a joy to watch for fans of technical wrestling.

The Powerhouses


“Mr. Mayhem” is a dominant force in AEW. His incredible strength allows him to perform devastating moves and overpower his opponents. He’s constantly improving his in-ring skills and becoming a bigger threat in the AEW main event scene.


This British wrestler brings a unique blend of technical wrestling and also high-flying offense. He’s also incredibly strong and has a devastating finishing move. His matches are always action-packed and leave fans wanting more.

Jungle Boy

A fan favorite with a relaxed surfer persona, Jungle Boy has grown into a force to be reckoned with. He’s powerful, agile, and constantly improving his skills. His matches are exciting and showcase his well-rounded skillset.

Exploring the Depth of AEW

Remember, these are just a few of the best AEW wrestlers to watch right now! AEW boasts a diverse roster with talented women’s wrestlers, charismatic tag teams, and exciting up-and-coming stars.

AEW’s Charismatic Personalities

The best AEW wrestlers aren’t just about athleticism – they’re also compelling characters with captivating personalities. Here are a few standouts:


This cocky and arrogant heel (bad guy) is a master of the microphone. His promos (interviews) are hilarious and also often infuriating, drawing strong reactions from the crowd. He’s still young but has the potential to be a major star in AEW.

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.

The self-proclaimed “Role Model” of women’s wrestling, Britt Baker is another charismatic heel. She’s a talented wrestler but loves to get under the skin of the fans with her arrogant persona. Her rivalry with Thunder Rosa has been a highlight of the AEW women’s division.


In conclusion, AEW is home to some of the best AEW wrestlers in the world today. These talented performers are captivating audiences with their athleticism, storytelling, and also larger-than-life personalities. Whether you’re a die-hard wrestling fan or just looking for some exciting entertainment, AEW has something for everyone. So, join the excitement and watch the future of professional wrestling unfold!


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